Every organization strives to be unique in many ways as it struggles to distinguish itself by its products and services. It is based on this perception that organizations create unique identities to depict and project their corporate image. If all banks go with the same name and the same symbol and service, then there would be no differences or distinction.

A3 Graphics initiates you business' evolution by providing Corporate Identification services including advertising, marketing, logo design, product packaging, corporate stationery such as business cards, promotional materials and letterhead, and has years of experience liaising with print professionals to get the best quality results.


You have observed that some organizations are popular on the negative side, some on the positive; while many, even though doing well, are not popular. All of them require intensive image building for better public acceptability.

A good image starts with the Chief Executive who must believe in the best standard of business practices and develop a committed interest on how he/she expects to be seen by the public. The purpose of promoting corporate identity is not only for a company’s potential audience, but the general public who may come across its message. It must seek to be known more by the public with a good image.

Corporate identity is associated with mission statements, slogans, names, symbols, and colors specific to an organization, its products and services. There are times when a reconsideration of name, symbol and motto is necessary for a merger, acquisition, divestiture and introduction of new services different from others or to change from a company’s past activities which might not have been good enough.

Before deciding on trademarks, the following is to be considered...


Everything is identified by its name, no matter how big or small it is. A good name is the pride of a company. Names may be meaningful or meaningless, but this doesn’t matter. What matters is how the company conducts business. An organization's name is appropriate if it indicates its line of business. But names are sometimes given to immortalize a person, environment or ideal. It may also be a qualifier of an event and/or action. For brevity, it is recommended that a long name be abbreviated.
As an example: "A3 Graphics" to "A3GFX".

The symbol may be a sign, mark or character chosen to stand for or represent something. It may come in different forms, ranging from an ordinary drawing to artistic concepts or even pictures to project an impressive idea, which must agree with colors and the nature of the business. Our Graphic Artists, once given the concept, will produce an enhanced symbol to the admiration of all.
For instance:
or .

The motto is a worded slogan or phrase expressing a guiding principle or the rule of conduct of an organization. The message may be run on emotion, psychology or even pragmatism which will appeal to the larger public. In addition, the motto must be brief and well-crafted statements which are easy to pronounce. Some prefer to have a mission statement which expresses the philosophy of the organization, its goals and aspirations. Mottos are also used as trademarks (TM) or service marks (SM).
Example: "Your Total Business Presence Provider." or "Join The Evolution!"

Designs, graphics, logotypes and symbols, which should clearly depict the name and services provided by the organization must be pondered on. It can even be an abbreviation of the company’s name, which is graphically expressed. It may also be to herald a product transformation. Logos and symbols are printed on letterheads, signboards, products, vehicles, gift items, stationery and on banners. They are considered to be the brand image of products and services and also an in-house style and corporate image of the company. These images are also used as trademarks (TM) or service marks (SM). A3 Graphics utilizes the latest demographical studies and creative know-how to create a visual image that represents your product or service.
As an example of transformation: From
to .

No good reputation is built over night. It involves a lot of planning, good-will, outstanding performance, and selfless service. This also involves activities that create lasting and positive impressions for the organization. The image is the central point of public relations practices. This is the reason why the practitioner associates with many related professionals known as "image builders", "image-makers" and even, "image merchants". Activities bordering on social responsibility, community relations, lobbying, and special public-spirited programs, are all geared towards achieving a better public image. It requires careful planning, development, implementation and control.


The Corporate Identification components discussed above are deliberate articulations to communicate the lines of service and interest of an organization. They are primarily intended to register in the minds of the public and be easily recalled by those who come across any of its features.

For the reputation to remain indelible, the organization must provide a product or service  that is favorable and advantageous to the public, so that once the symbol is displayed anywhere; the name, product or services of the organization instantly comes to mind. From whichever way it is seen, clear and impressive images may be used to monopolize or compete with others successfully.