A3 Graphics - A3GFX, LLC had its meager beginnings in 1983 as "Wagner Graphics". Kurt Wagner, M.A. (Communications) a graphic artist and photographer, started a commercial art studio, which used words and images to express messages that informed, persuaded, and incited individuals and audiences to action.

Committed to bringing his clients quality commercial design with an unswerving attention to detail, and as technology improved and the nature of commercial art evolved into graphic design, Wagner Graphics evolved as well. This evolution resulted in Wagner Graphics reincarnating as A3 (Advanced Artistic Advertising) Graphics in the year 2000. In 2009, A3 Graphics adapted a new trademark; A3GFX. A new name: same company, same ethics, same dedication in continuing to bring you innovative designs, client focused attention, and outstanding quality for your business and personal presence needs.

We have the technical and creative expertise to seize our client’s vision for an elevated presence, integrate it with our own pervasive flair, and produce a finished product that transcends their expectations.

We specialize in unique, original illustrations, designs, advertising and marketing that communicates directly to your target audience. A3 Graphics’ takes visual and audio communication beyond the simple presentation of information; we bring it to a whole new level.

Founded Funding


Privately held and funded

Specialization Target Market

A3 Graphics - A3GFX, LLC is a progressive company specializing in; graphic design, development, hosting, photography, sound design, and domain registration.

Businesses and individuals who are ready to adapt to change and acknowledge the necessity to promote/advance their presence.

Company Culture Company Structure

Undeviating evolutionary concepts by design.

Limited Liability Corporation


A3 Graphics - A3GFX, LLC gives you the total package. From business cards to Flash animation, music to business forms, photography to letterheads and much more, we are your ultimate singular business presence provider.


Our management has many years of experience in the Technology, Internet, Business and Financial Management fields.


A3 Graphics - A3GFX, LLC is a privately owned and operated cash flow positive company and has no debt. Thus, we are not in financial jeopardy. The company has refused offers to sell. We are dedicated to our clients and we assure that we are here for the long haul and offer fair and honest services.

Mission Statement

A3 Graphics - A3GFX, LLC is devoted to providing quality professional; graphic design, hosting, photography, sound design, domain registration, and development services to companies, businesses, or anyone who has the desire or need for a distinct presence on the World Wide Web and beyond.

It is our ambition to continue to increase and promote a positive professional image and maintain a proactive presence as a service provider by consistently maintaining a high sense of integrity, professionalism, reliability, commitment, loyalty, and honesty. We aspire to make A3 Graphics - A3GFX, LLC recognized as a total quality service and leaders in our field.